Top 10 US Construction Code Violations

According to the The Common Code Violations Survey, published by NAHB and ICC in 2013 – these are the top 10 code violations found by US Code Inspectors:

  1. Missing Documentation – includes an engineer’s foundation letter, the structural plans, the truss drawings, the plan for the HVAC ductwork and gas piping, and the energy code documentations.
  2. Improperly Placed Anchor Bolts – the 2015 IRC now requires the anchor bolts to be placed in the middle third of the width of a foundation plate.
  3. Braced Wall Errors – Code requires nailing along all panel edges, and that may require blocking between studs on tall walls or when panels are run horizontally.
  4. Weakened Joists and Beams – Inspectors see a lot of beams that aren’t sized for the load or that lack proper bearing.
  5. Deck Ledgers and Braces – includes hangers that were too small for the joists, improper fastening, and inadequate flashing that set the ledger up for rot.
  6. Stair Rise/Run ErrorsBuilding codes require a minimum 6 feet, 8 inches from the tread to the ceiling.
  7. Stair Handrails and Guardrails – By code, they must be a minimum of 34 inches, and no more than 38 inches high.
  8. Missing or Inadequate Fire Blocking – Fire blocking must cut off the concealed draft openings between all vertical and horizontal cavities
  9. Air-Barrier Gaps – Pay extra attention around HVAC chases and attic knee walls for air barrier gaps that need to be sealed.
  10. Exposed Kraft-Faced InsulationThe warning label on paper-faced insulation batts clearly states: “This facing will burn …” It cannot be left exposed but must be covered with drywall or other type of sheathing permitted by code.

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