New Dovetail Study Demonstrates Environmental Advantage of Building With Wood

building-with-wood-is-good“The ability of wood to store large quantities of carbon for long periods of time sets wood apart from, and provides a significant advantage over other building materials such as steel and concrete.”

“Wood not only stores large quantities of carbon, but its manufacture into useful products results in significantly lower emissions of greenhouse and other gases than does the production of other materials.”

“A large portion of the energy used in North American forest products manufacturing facilities is produced from biomass – bark, sawdust, and small wood scraps – meaning that the amount of fossil fuel energy used to produce wood products is vastly lower than other materials.”

Dovetail Partners working with the State University of New York and with funding from the Binational Softwood Lumber Council has produced an excellent guide that highlights these facts and many others supporting the increased use of wood in the built environment.

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News release provided by Softwood Lumber Board