LBM Update: WorkSafe BC

worksafe BCWorkSafeBC has issued fines to multiple LBM companies in the BC Province…

Serious injury leads to fine for wood manufacturer

Mackenzie wood manufacturer East Fraser Fiber Co. Ltd. was fined $65,235.12 by WorkSafeBC after a worker suffered serious injuries to her arm when she reached across a ripsaw to clear a piece of wood. Although the power had been locked out, the ripsaw’s eight blades were still spinning when the worker, who was a new employee, made the move according to an online posting by the agency. Stored energy in the blades meant they were “still spinning so fast that their movement was imperceptible.” “Lockout procedures for the ripsaw were complex and were not posted anywhere near the machine,” WorkSafeBC continued in an online posting on the matter.

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Vanderhoof finger joint plant fined for dust

WorkSafeBC has fined a Vanderhoof finger joint plant $48,401.84 for hazardous accumulations of wood dust. The fine against Vanderhoof Specialty Wood Products-NW Wood Preservers was issued in October 2015 after an inspection found accumulations as high as 7.6 centimetres (three inches) in the chipper room and in an old boiler room. It was bad enough for the agency to issue a stop-work order until the dust was removed, according to an online posting. The dust covered more than five per cent of the chipper room’s area and in the boiler room, dust coated a gear motor, reducer, foundation ledge, roof beams, wall purlins, and the boiler itself.

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Quesnel business fined for high wood dust

WorkSafeBC has fined a Quesnel wood products manufacturer for high accumulations of combustible wood dust. C&C Wood Products Ltd. was levied a penalty of $68,121.24 after an inspection uncovered the material on surfaces and fixtures in the sawmill canter room, around the canter outfeed landing table, and in the chip screen and sawmill chipper rooms. “These areas had not been identified by the firm as requiring cleanup, although they were not hidden and were frequented by workers and supervisors,” WorkSafeBC said in an online posting on the matter. Dust accumulations as deep as 10 centimetres (four inches) were found in direct contact with potential ignition sources, such as electrical equipment, junction boxes, and light fixtures.

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WorkSafeBC fines Apollo Forest Products $75,000

WorkSafeBC has fined Fort St. James sawmill Apollo Forest Products Ltd. $75,000 after an inspector caught a worker using a wooden stick to clear a jam from the cutter heads of a planer. “Although power to the planer heads had been shut off, the planer had not been locked out as required,” the agency said in an online posting and added that the firm’s written procedure for clearing jams from the planer permitted this method but contravened WorkSafeBC regulations. The fine was levied in September 2015.

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Conifex fined $75,000 for wood dust

A Fort St. James sawmill has been fined $75,000 for hazardous accumulations of wood dust. WorkSafeBC levied the penalty against Conifex in October after potentially combustible dust was found around the main conveyor belt, under the sorters, and behind the sawmill chipper. How much was found was not provided in an online posting on the matter, but the agency did issue a stop-work order to have the areas cleaned up. … Conifex has appealed the decision.

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