Huber Engineered Woods Files Patent -Infringement Lawsuit Against Georgia -Pacific Wood Products

Manufacturer takes action to enforce ZIP System® product patents.

IehCdLQ8_400x400CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Specialty products manufacturer Huber Engineered Woods LLC (“HEW”), announced that the Charlotte, N.C., company has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC alleging that the ForceField™ Air and Water Barrier System infringes HEW’s patents for its ZIP System® sheathing and tape products. HEW filed the lawsuit in the United States District Court of the Western District of North Carolina (Huber Engineered Woods LLC v. Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC, Civil Action No. 3:16-cv-399).

“For more than two decades, Huber Engineered Woods has provided innovative, premium and branded solutions to its customers and builders,” said HEW President Brian Carlson. “We have consistently invested to develop a broad portfolio of patents to protect our branded products, including ZIP System sheathing and tape products and AdvanTech® flooring and sheathing panels, both of which are synonymous with innovation in the building industry.”

“Our brands have won multiple national awards and received numerous accolades and recognition in the industry, and we will vigorously defend our patents against infringement.” Carlson added.

Since its introduction in 2006, ZIP System sheathing and tape has been widely adopted by many builders as a replacement for traditional sheathing and housewrap. The innovative exterior wall and roof system consists of an enhanced moisture-resistant, engineered wood panel with a built-in, water-resistive, vapor permeable barrier that eliminates the need for housewrap or felt. Completed with taped panel seams using high-performance ZIP System™ flashing tape, the system helps protect construction timelines by creating quick dry-in status and reducing risk of rework, while providing advanced moisture protection and reduced air leakage.

Source: Huber Engineered Woods LLC