CPG Building Products Enters Booming Tiny House Market

CPG-Building-ProductsCPG Building Products has been revolutionizing the industry for more than 30 years through its AZEK and TimberTech brands. Now, those brands are bringing their expertise to the tiny house market through a partnership with 84 Lumber and a presence on the FYI™ network’s popular television series “Tiny House Nation.”

As the tiny house movement continues to gain momentum across the country, 84 Lumber is emerging as a major player in the segment. The construction company’s Tiny Living collection includes four portable models that are less than 200 square feet. Each model is built with a specific theme in mind, from country to contemporary. The brand’s “Shonsie” model relies on CPG Building Product’s AZEK Trim and newly released AZEK Siding to complete its beach house look.

“When choosing siding for the “Shonsie”, we were looking for products with three key qualifications: colorfastness, lightweight and realistic texture,” said Thom Kuntz, 84 Lumber’s director of merchandising. “Every tiny house is unique, so we want to work with products that bring their own new and innovative look to the table without sacrificing quality. AZEK Trim and Siding are a perfect fit.”

CPG Building Products has been one of 84 Lumber’s largest suppliers of decking and railing for years, so the brands have a strong history of teaming up on successful construction projects.

“We’ve had a relationship with 84 Lumber for more than a decade, so we’re excited to continue moving forward by supporting the tiny house movement with AZEK Siding and trim,” said Craig Hyatt, VP of national and strategic accounts for CPG Building Products. “The many great qualities of AZEK’s durable and beautiful products will make tiny houses not just attractive, but incredibly strong.”

CPG Building Products’ entrance into the tiny house market comes as the brand participates in the hit series “Tiny House Nation” on FYI. The show follows renovation experts and hosts John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin as they travel across the country to show off ingenious small spaces, along with the inventive people who live in them. In the episode titled “545 Sq. Ft. Seven’s Company” that aired on May 7, viewers saw a premium TimberTech Deck installed in the brand’s rich Rustic Elm color.

Source: CPG Building Products